Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Words of Thanks

No one gets where they are alone. Though writing is considered a solitary venture -- just the writer and their ghosts -- once you start that venture you quickly realize it is not solitary at all. True enough, if you want to write purely for your own pleasure and your own eyes (which is great too) it can be quite the solitary art. If however you write as a part of your life and for readers - to see them shiver, to watch them smile, to hear their hearts pounding out of their chests…then that is a career.

As in any career choice you need a support network. It is essential that your family and friends understand and back your choice. Those special people are rare and when you find them -- keep them and thank them often.

Although everyone in my life has contributed to who and what I've become I'll note a few special ones here. They aren't in any particular order…so just shush.

Greg - My husband, without him I don't think I'd be anywhere near where I am today. He's always there to work through plot kinks, character issues and editing. Without him quite a few of my computers and indeed perhaps the entire world wide web would have exploded from me attempting to use code or create pages…so so not good.

Mark - My brother, perhaps not by blood but of the spirit. He's always there to point out where a plot or character has gone wrong. He's my best editor and soundboard as well as my co-author for one completed work and another upcoming.

Bob (Robert) Gelinas - Publisher of ArcheBooks for having faith in me and new voices in the publishing world. Not to mention kindly tolerating my constant questions.

Jas - Even though he's a pessimist…he still prods me on and continues to be a great friend.

Jon - For not only his friendship but also his insistence that I could do this. (Might have something to do with the innate stubbornness of the Irish)

Chris, Eden, Curtis - for all the fun times, for joining in our world and working together to make grand plots and schemes.


About the author -

Raven Bower is the author of the upcoming novel, Apparitions (ArcheBooks March 2007)

Apparitions Blog

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Anonymous Markus Niemi said...

Aw shucks, thanks sis.

As much as she thanked us in her post, most of what Raven has achieved is all her doing. We were to just give her a helping hand... foot... glare, whatever she needed at the time.

Mostly though, it was her own talent, determination and drive that got her where she is now and will take her even further.

-Markus (Mark) Niemi

Mon Oct 30, 10:35:00 PM  
Blogger Raven Bower said...

The foot one really hurts...

Tue Oct 31, 09:10:00 AM  

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