Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My publisher, ArcheBooks, just made an announcement today – they are doing something new and spiffy in the book world! Imagine all the adventures of a book in magazine format (minus the annoying advertisements) and you have the new ArcheBookZine. So check out ArcheBookZines.

Check for all ArcheBooks' titles in the ArcheBookZine format.

And may I take a moment to encourage you to check out John DeDakis' mystery suspense novel, Fast Track, also available in the new format. I've read Fast Track and let me tell you, John's writing is fast! He starts out with a whopper of a beginning (talk about not being able to walk away…) and doesn't let go until the end. So if you like fast, like mystery, suspense and want to know a wonderful character named Lark – check it out!

He's also working on the sequel. If you like Fast Track visit his site and email him…tell him to get the sequel out! (that's a purely selfish request btw…as I want to see Lark again :) )

About the author:

Raven Bower is the author of the upcoming horror novel, Apparitions (ArcheBooks May 2007)


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