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I haven't been able to update my web site lately due to computer issues with Lains rebellious machine. However, I'm posting this here and on my other blogs/boards.

Although I'm listed on their site and it's shown on my Events page that I'm attending ConClave next weekend - I will not be there.

That said I believe I owe you a why.

I talked to their Programming director last year about participating. Since then and after many of my emails since early this year being unanswered, it seemed to me like they dropped the ball.

Indeed, we weren't made aware of the program details until this morning...A week before the event. Ahem. And AFTER I'd already made other commitments because of the lack of responses since early this year.

After reading their program - let me say they DO have some good classes and panels. However, the panels I was stuffed on won't lose anything by my not being there. One is on Friday night, which I specified when I first contacted them I wouldn't be able to be there until Saturday. It is an interesting panel that I would have liked to participate on.

The two I was put on for Saturday...yeah. How can I say this nicely? They appeal to some. Not to me. I don't read Lovecraft...haven't since I was in high school. I'm not a big fan of his and I so do not have the time to cram in reading his work on a week's notice. So...not much I can add to that panel except to sit and go...uhmmm why did they put me here? The second, on e-book book is NOT an e-book. It is available in an an e-book form, but Apparitions is a hard cover orginal. I don't agree with strictly e-book publishing. For me, as a reader, I want something solid. Reading a novel on a computer screen would burn my eyeballs out.

The Sunday panel on Marketing would have been a lot of fun. That is something I could have actively contributed to.

So yeah. Now see, there are other quite interesting panels and talks that I could have provided some content to.

It would stand to reason, to me, that if you want people to participate - which I'd have loved to had communications been there - maybe make sure you communicate with them and find out where they can contribute the most. This isn't just for the good of the participants but also for the Convention itself and the people paying to attend.

At least that's what common sense would tell ya.

So I won't be there and that's why - lack of communication and not wanting to pay to walk in to something I have no clue as to what is going on.

It did serve well in another respect. I now very much appreciate the time and effort put out by the other Conventions I've dealt with in providing their participants lists of panels they could willingly sign up for (instead of stuffing them on panels that the staff has no idea if the participant even fits on) or letting you know well in advance what they're thinking of putting you on and...the courtesy of - asking...

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