Monday, May 21, 2007

Nudge of the Week

Sometimes all our minds need to get fired up and in gear for writing is a little nudge. Each week I'll be posting new nudges that I use to kick my muse in gear and help improve my writing. Feel free to try them out yourself! I repeat them now and again to compare how I did before to how I do now.



Good writing involves the ability to not only pay attention to detail, but, to remember those details later. This nudge helps to teach yourself how to absorb details and recall them.

Choose an object, this can be anything you want but try for something you don't always look at. Stare at it for 1 minute and note all the details you can - shape, shadows, texture, smell, etc.

After a minute turn away from it, close your eyes and try to remember it. Write out all the details you can remember. When you can't think of any more, return to the object and see how you did.


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