Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weird Science

Once upon a time I was in a convo about writing and genres. Since I happen to read in all genres and have plots set for several of those genres, this question came about:

"What genre would you not write in?"

To which I answered:

"Historical fiction because I'm not a big enough history buff to pull it off. I'd flub up the dates and get letters and emails from everybody's mother's sister's boyfriend's uncle's friends that I screwed up the dates on the Civil War.

Sci-Fi too, because, as we all know I'm Techie-dense. Science and machanics are some vague, weird stuff concocted in a universe far far away from mine."

Yep. So what happens the other night? I get a neat dream complete with workable tid-bits to a Sci-Fi plot...The more I think on it, the more the sub plots are coming to light.

So, remember what I said about not writing Sci-Fi? Erase it. Now I have to go beg the muses to not....NOT go to the Historical side...

Have any of you had weird plots that are way off your genre or style come popping into being?

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