Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Gift Alternatives

The rush to buy gifts for the people on your list is in full swing. Instead of tossing all of our American dollars at the massive Sweat Shop that's China...Allow me to make a few suggestions on how to keep our dollars here and help promote our own economy and businesses.

Consider giving the gift of a book.
Books are always in good taste, be they a cookbook or fiction or how-to. Throughout December I'll be highlighting different books and alternatives for you, so stay tuned.

Consider giving the gift of art.
Instead of the same old ties and junk that breaks a month after Christmas...consider local artists and their work. Whether it's a painting, a photography print, sculpture or clay pot - giving the gift of an original work of art made from the hands of people in your very own 'hood' will warm the heart faster than a gidget swiped up at Walmart.

Consider giving the gift of film.
Most movies are produced here in the States or our neighbor, Canada. Consider giving the gift of a DVD, particularly one that's produced locally. Support your Indy Film companies and find a truly unique film to give to your friends and family.

Consider Crafts.
Don't forget that this is the time for craft shows! Visit your local craft show or shop. You can find everything from handwoven hats, mittens, comforters, quilts and wood products galore.

Consider Neighbors.
Most people have a hobby or a small cottage business. Don't be afraid! Get in touch with them and ask if you can purchase some of their goods for gifts. If you know a neighbor who makes quilts or sweaters - ask! If you know a local artist who creates paintings, photos, pots or writes books - get a hold of them. Chances are they would be glad to sign the gifts you purchase from them - making the gift YOU give a custom, one of a kind thing!

These are but a few of the many ideas you can impliment that will make the Holidays something special to everyone. Make gift giving an art form instead of a 'one stop swiping spree' at your local outlet for China Goods (aka Walmart and the other purveyors of junk goods).


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