Friday, July 13, 2007

Silver Leaf Ren. Faire

Silver Leaf Ren. Faire

We spent Saturday at the Silver Leaf Ren. Faire in Battle Creek, MI. We had such a good time my cheeks were sore! Seriously. From smiling and laughing of course. I love Ren Faires but haven't been to one in years and never to the Silver Leaf. It was very impressive. It's mostly set in the woods - so you walk in through the gates and it's like you're transported back in time. Dirt paths, colorful and creative tents - food! all nestled into the forest. They have almost everything there you could possibly want - including 6" pencils made of branches...they're good for more than just writing (oh and get your minds out of the gutter...) we were thinking sneaky weapons.

The people there were just awesome. The story line runs like Camelot. There's Arthur and his court, Knights of the Round Table, Mordred and his skulking band (the Huntress was so fun to watch as she stalked her prey). The Lord Marshall Edward Egglesworth posted proclaimations about fairies - yes there are fairies there! What does he do with them? That my friends, you have to go and see for yourself. There were dryads, pixies and wizards. If you manage to make it there (which I highly suggest) make sure you drop by and catch Robyn the bard's show. He's got quite a talent for filking.

We also met pirates! Imagine that! Kevin the Pirate was right across from us - it was a blast. If you have kids - or know kids - he and his family make wooden swords, axes and shields. Just go straight down the path once you walk in and look to the right, he'll be the pirate telling you that you'd better smile...I wouldn't ask 'or else?' if'n I were you...

There were also a lot of wonderful people there who visited, stopped to chat and in general were having a grand time. There's nothing better than to talk to people who are really enjoying themselves by emersing into a fantasy world.

We were there with the gracious help of Heather, the Vendor Goddess, who managed to sneak me in last minute despite how incredibly busy she must have been co-ordinating the Faire. Thanks Heather!

Thanks to all those who work so hard to put the Silver Leaf Ren Faire on! They go above and beyond so that the lot of us can have fun. They should get boxes of chocolates after all that.

In fact, we're going back. Yes indeed. Purely to glut on the fun this time. Mark is coming with us - he's from Finland - did you know they don't have Ren. Faires in Finland?? Blasphemy I say. Lawren will be there (she's going as a 'Fair Maiden....but don't believe it...she's not as innocent as she looks) and Lain too as a snotty noble. I'm also looking forward to meeting up with a few friends from Battle Creek area that I've met on line but never in person. It's exciting.

We'll be going the weekend of the Jousting Tournament. I was told by the Lord Marshall (with a great amount of glee in his voice by the way) that it's REAL jousting... and not the fake stuff. If you're a fan of knights in shining armor, the International Jousting Tournament is on July 28th -29th.

Annnyway, I think I should stop this rampant post. It's tremendously long but, what can I say, I loved it! Oh and to check out pictures and more info go to their web site there's also some pictures from this year's Faire on my web site.



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