Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Grave Injustice

This is a new title put out by ArcheBooks and written by Prudy Board -

A Grave Injustice: A Grave Injustice  ~ When GI Karl von Brett is murdered while training at Buckingham Gunnery School in Fort Myers, FL, his death is ruled suicide and he's labeled a saboteur. Aching for revenge, he haunts a local reporter until his murderer is brought to justice and Karl's name is cleared. In the meantime, the reporter finds
herself in grave danger because the murderer, now a wealthy pillar of society, is alive and well and determined to kill her to stop her from finding out the truth. Hardcover. 348 pages. $28.99
A Grave Injustice is author Prudy Taylor Board's 18th published book. A native of Florida, she sets her mysteries and horror novels in the settings she knows and loves.


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