Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nothing Hits Like Hockey!

After a fabulous and exciting season - the Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup!!! Go Wings!

They played very well and I'm proud of all of them.

If any of you missed the game... (ahem...and just what excuse do you have for THAT?) you can check out more at the NHL website.

You can also read how this is the 4th...yes 4th Stanley Cup for the Wings in 11 years here. It also has some interesting numbers.

The Pens played a good game, can't say I care overly much for their coach...he's more than a tad rude. But still they gave the Wings a run and did well.

And alas Hockey season is now over and I must resign myself to EA Sports (it's in the game -- sorry...that's so engrained in my head) on the PS...

Thanks Wings for a great season and all the hard work you put into game!

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