Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Lain and I attened the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival this weekend in Detroit. What a fun time it was! It was great to meet such wonderful and like-minded people. We saw the latest technology (not that I as allowed to touch it...for the safety of everyone there and in the surrounding area) in film editing. It's simply amazing how far along programs have come to make the lives of directors easier!

They had workshops on acting, scoring music and various other classes. There were opportunities to meet and talk to those ambitious folk who are shaping the entertainment industry here in Michigan.

We'd like to thank everyone who attended Lain and I's workshop on screenwriting. We had an awesome group of people with tons of great questions. Next time we'll have to aim for a longer workshop to be more direct and encompassing.

We met people there who I'm sure will become enduring friends and co-conspirators.

We'd also like to thank Scott for his fortitude in putting the Festival on and making sure everything went smoothly. Great work Scott!

And a big thanks to Billy who not only intruduced us but suggested that we do the workshop. He was lurking around the festival too, keeping everything on task and running.

Thanks guys!

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