Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here he comes a wandering...

I know it’s past Christmas but there’s no time when creepy stories are out of season!

I just had the pleasure of author Matt Cowan’s story “HERE HE COMES A WANDERING”. It won the Pod of Horror Christmas Story Contest and I can certainly see why.

Veeery creepy and will make you look at Christmas a bit differently…especially wandering off on the holidays…or well, looking out your windows at night at any time of the year!

If you like scary stories tune in to Episode #58 of The Pod of Horror. Mark Justice reads this story complete with voices. I particularly like the window scene…yipes! It’s near the end and you’ll know it when he gets to it.
It can be found at http://www.horrorworld.org/poh.htm . It is episode #58 (which is the most recent episode at the moment) and is read around the last 15:20 mins. left in the show.



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