Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Logic Goes Wildly Astray

One would think, logically, that if the weather for tomorrow cannot be accurately predicted that the weather 100 years from now cannot be accurately predicted. Yet, these Global Warming Alarmists keep gaining ground by playing on emotions. This is a technique we fiction writers use to gain reader sympathy...it belongs in fiction NOT in the news or in reality.

Before you jump on the Global Warming Alarmist band wagon and abandon logic and reason - do some research people. Think a bit please. The world is a natural thing, not a computer. It has natural warming and cooling trends that we cannot do a thing about besides accept and acknowledge them for what they are. The theories and 'science' behind this farce is so flawed it blows my mind that they're able to connive so many.

I suggest starting your research with this article and then look further before believing all the hype you hear on TV and radio.

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